Native plants have a “mind and rhythm of their own.”  By planting a native landscape you are trying to copy what mother nature has created over millions of years.  Some native plants are extremely difficult to germinate.  They may need fire, an animal’s digestive system (acid bath), freezing temperatures, hot temperatures, drought,  and/or an abrasive action that stimulates their internal dormancy to break and sprout.  These natural processes can be extremely difficult to copy.

Once planted, natives need to be comfortable in the soil.  Many require mycorrhizal fungi and a host of bacteria and micro-organisms to ensure their survival.

A native yard is not a fast growing landscape.  It takes time, patience and a willingness to let go of natives that just won’t grow where you want them.  However, once a native plant is established, it is there for a lifetime.  The benefits and rewards come in many layers, offering a natural landscape that restores a healthy ecosystem in your own yard.Heart Rock

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