Planting native wildflowers is simple but be aware that natural predators like birds, insects, and rodents would love to gobble up your seeds.  By planting smaller quantities of seeds you’ll have better success.  Large quantities planted all at once can attract predators.

The following steps will help ensure your seed survival:

  • Remove weeds
  • Plant native seeds in late fall or early spring
  • Rake the soil to prepare for seed dispersal
  • Scatter seeds gently over prepared site
  • You can mix seeds with perlite or sand to help identify where your seeds are
  • Rake the soil gently again after seeding.
  • Water every few days until the rains come.
  • OR sprout native seeds in containers first and transplant as seedlings to optimize success.

Native seeds and plants are practically maintenance free.  But we do suggest lightly watering them for the first 3 years.  This helps seeds germinate and increases survival rates of container transplants.  Be sure not to over water plants; too much water can be harmful.

Native Wildflower Seed Balls make planting easy and can increase survival rates. For seed ball information Click hereCIMG1980


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